When I begin working with a new client, my first priority is to prepare the mind and body for serious training.  Promoting a positive mindset and installing belief in every athletes ability to succeed is essential if they are to fully commit to the training ahead.  Confidence that you can achieve a long term goal far beyond realistic expectations - is the secret to achieving greatness.   

Once the mind is completely focussed on success, it is time to prepare the body to be capable of absorbing the training stress required to attain such a feat.  For athletes brand-new to endurance training, or for those who are injury prone, this process will take longer than for well established athletes.  Weaknesses in technique need to be addressed, muscular instabilities need to be strengthened, ligaments and tendons need to be conditioned, bone density needs to be increased.  All of these adaptations are paramount to maintaining the training consistency you require if you are to achieve your ultimate goal.

When the body is ready to train fully, we begin maximising the cardiovascular engine through structured and systematic interval training.  In order to maximise it, we focus on quality and intensity over volume.  This training method is ideal not only for time crunched athletes, but also for athletes with many training hours available.  It is imperative to make the most of every single minute within a quality session, regardless of time available.

Despite the focus on intensity, no workout is ever scheduled without consideration to post and prior recovery.  Minimising fatigue is essential in order to maximise the quality and consistency of intense workouts.  Physical and mental recovery are prescribed with just as much purpose as intense training sessions.  The overall well-being of an athlete will always be more important than ambitions.

Every training cycle is meticulously planned to steadily increase your fitness levels at the same time as increasing specificity towards the demands of your next short term goal.  Whatever that goal may be, the final stage of any season is where the demands of your training mirror the demands of the event you wish to perform well in.  No stone is left unturned in establishing the specific requirements to achieve this success.  Attention to detail is paramount if you want to stay a step ahead of the competition...and this is what I do best.  

With the mind completely focussed and the body in peak physical condition, achieving the goal which an athlete has been working towards becomes nothing to be daunted by.  Through the meticulous preparation that has taken place over many months and often many years - performing to your potential becomes a mere extension of your training.

If you have the motivation to succeed...then you too have what it takes.

Pete Jeremiah

Head Coach